A 海域[sea area A]
A 型
A 株
A 規約
A クラス[A class]
A 判
AA1[affirmative action]
AA2[Alcoholics Anonymous]
AA3[American Airlines]
AA4[Asia Africa]
AA 会議[Asian-African Conference]
AA グループ[Asian-African group]
AAA, 3A2
AAA3[Agricultural Adjustment Administration]
AAA4[American Arbitration Association]
AAA5[American Automobile Association]
AAA6[Asia-Africa Latin America]
AAAI(トリプルエーアイ)[American Association for Artificial Intelligence]
AAAS(トリプルエーエス)[American Association for the Advancement of Science]
AACE[Association of Advocators for Consumers Everyday-life]
AAF[American Advertising Federation]
AAIAL[American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters]
AALA1(アーラ)[Asia, Africa, Latin America]
AALA2[Asian-African Latin-American People's Conference]
AAM[air-to-air missile]
AAMA[American Automobile Manufacturers Association]
A & R[assembly and repair]
AAPC[Asia-African Peoples' Conference]
AAR[against all risks]
AAR[Association to Aid Refugees]
AARP[American Association of Retired Persons]
AATC[automatic air traffic control]
ABA1[abscisic acid]
ABA2[American Bankers Association]
ABA3[American Bar Association]
ABAC[APEC Business Advisory Council]
ABC2[ABC World Airways Guide]
ABC3[activity-based costing]
ABC4[American Broadcasting Company]
ABC5[Audit Bureau of Circulations]
ABC 火災
ABC 兵器[atomic, biological and chemical weapons]
ABCC[Atomic Bomb Casualties Commission]
ABCD ライン[ABCD-Line]
ABF[Asia Boxing Federation]
Abilimpic[(和) ability+Olympic]
ABM[antiballistic missile]
ABO 式血液型[ABO system; ABO blood group]
ABPI[Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry]
ABS1[American Bureau of Shipping]
ABS2[antilock-brake system]
ABS3[Army Broadcasting Service]
ABS4[asset-backed securities]
ABS 樹脂[acrylonitrile butadiene styrene resin]
ABS 洗剤[alkylbenzen sulfonate]
ABSDF[All Burma Students' Democratic Front]
ABU[Asian-Pacific Broadcasting Union]
ABWR[advanced boiling water reactor]
AC1[adaptive control]
AC2[adult children]
AC3[Advertising Council]
AC4[alternating current]
A.C.[(ラ) ante Christum]
ACAP(エーキャップ)[Association of Consumer Affairs Professionals]
ACAS[airborne collision avoidance system]
ACC1[All Japan Radio TV Commercial Council]
ACC2[Arab Cooperation Council]
ACC3[area control center]
ACCS[Association of Copyright for Computer Software]
ACCU[Asian Culture Center of UNESCO]
ACDA[Arms Control and Disarmament Agency]
AC/DC[alternating currentdirect current]
ACE[angiotensin-converting enzyme]
ACE Japan[Japan Association for Cultural Exchange]
ACL[allowable cabin load]
ACLU[American Civil Liberties Union]
ACM1[advanced composite material]
ACM2[Arab Common Market]
ACM3[Association for Computing Machinery]
ACP 諸国[African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries]
ACPC[Association of Coffee Producing Countries]
ACPF[Asia Crime Prevention Foundation]
ACPI[advanced configuration and power interface]
ACR[automatic career routing]
ACRR[American Council on Race Relations]
ACRS[Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards]
ACS[Association of Caribbean States; (ス) la Asociacion de Estados del Caribe]
ACSA[acquisition and cross-servicing agreement]
ACT1[Action for Children's Television]
ACT2[active control technology]
ACT3(アクト)[American College Test]
ACT4[automatically controlled transportation system]
ACTH(アクス)[adrenocorticotrophic hormone]
ACU1[arithmetic and control unit]
ACU2[Asian Clearing Union]
ACU3[automatic calling unit]
ACV[air-cushion vehicle]
AD2[art director]
AD3[assistant director]
AD4[automatic depositor]
AD5[Principality of Andorra]
A.D.[(ラ) anno Domini]
AD 変換器[analog-to-digital converter]
AD 法[anti-dumping law]
ADA2[adenosine deaminase]
ADA3[Americans with Disabilities Act]
ADAMS(アダムス)[TV-Asahi Data And Multimedia Service]
ADB1[African Development Bank]
ADB2[Asian Development Bank]
ADC1[Air Defense Command]
ADC2[analog-to-digital converter]
ADEOS(アデオス)[Advanced Earth Observing Satellite]
ADF1[African Development Fund]
ADF2[Air Defense Force]
ADF3[Asian Development Fund]
ADF4[automatic direction finder]
ADH[antidiuretic hormone]
ADI[acceptable daily intake]
ADIZ[air defense identification zone]
ADL1[activity of daily living]
ad lib[(ラ) ad libitum]
Adm., ADM[admiral]
ADMD[Association for Dignified Mental Death]
ADP1[adenosine diphosphate]
ADP2[automatic data processing]
ADPCM[adaptive differential pulse code modulation]
ADR[American Depositary Receipt]
ADR 機関[alternative dispute resolution facilities]
ADSL[asymmetric digital subscriber line]
AE1[account executive]
AE2[automatic exposure]
AE3[United Arab Emirates]
AE 剤[air entraining agent]
AEA1[Association of Educational support for Asia]
AEA2[Atomic Energy Authority]
AEC1[African Economic Community]
AEC2[Atomic Energy Commission of Japan]
AEF[African Education Fund international]
AEI[American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research]
AESJ[Atomic Energy Society of Japan]
AET[Assistant English Teacher]
AF1[Air Force]
AF2[Air France]
AF3[aramid fiber]
AF5[Islamic State of Afghanistan]
AFC1[airfuel ratio control]
AFC2[American Football Conference]
AFC3[Asian Football Confederation]
AFC4[automatic flight control]
AFC5[automatic frequency control]
AFC6[automatic fuel control]
AFCS[automatic flight control system]
AFDB[African Development Bank]
AFDC[Aid to Families with Dependent Children]
AFG[Islamic State of Afghanistan]
AFI[American Film Institute]
AFL-CIO[American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations]
AFM[atomic force microscope]
A.F.P.[(フ) Agence France-Presse]
AFRTS[Armed Forces Radio and Television Service]
AFS[American Field Service]
AFSC[American Friends Service Committee]
AFTA(アフタ)[ASEAN Free Trade Area]
AFWJ[Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese]
AG1[(ド) Aktiengesellschaft]
AG2[Antigua and Barbuda]
AG3[Attorney General]
Ag[(ラ) argentum]
AGP[accelerated graphics port]
AGS[American Geographical Society]
AGT[automated guideway transit]
AGV[automatic (automated)guided vehicle]
AHA[American Hockey Association]
AHC[acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis]
AHO[Netherlands Antilles]
AHRC[Asian Human Rights Commission]
AHT[animal health technician]
AI1[Air India]
AI2[Amnesty International]
AI4[artificial insemination]
AI5[artificial intelligence]
AIA[American Institute of Architects]
A.I.B.A.[(フ) Association internationale de boxe amateur]
AIBD[Association of International Bond Dealers]
AICO[ASEAN Industrial Cooperation]
AID1[Agency for International Development]
AID2[artificial insemination by donor]
AIDA(アイダ)の法則[attention, interest, desire, action]
AIDS(エイズ)[acquired immunodeficiency syndrome]
AIESEC(アイセック)[(フ) Association internationale des etudiants en sciences economiques et commerciales]
.aiff[Apple interchange file format]
AIH[artificial insemination by husband]
AIM1[Alternative Investment Market]
AIM2[American Indian Movement]
AIM3[Association of International Marathons and Roadraces]
AIPAC[American Israel Public Affairs Committee]
A.I.P.H.[(フ) Association internationale des producteurs de l'horticulture]
AIQ 制[automatic import quota system]
AJJF[All Japan Judo Federation]
AJKF[All Japan Kendo Federation]
AL1[American League]
AL2[American Legion]
AL3[artificial life]
AL4[Republic of Albania]
Al[aluminium; aluminum]
ALA1[Alliance for Labor Action]
ALA2[American Library Association]
ALADI[(ス) Asociacion Latinoamericana de Integracion]
ALB[Republic of Albania]
ALBM[air-launched ballistic missile]
ALC[autoclaved lightweight concrete]
ALE[atomic layer epitaxy]
ALFLEX(アルフレックス)[Automatic Landing Flight Experiment]
ALG[Democratic and People's Republic of Algeria]
ALGOL(アルゴル)[algorithmic language]
ALM[assets and liabilities management]
ALOTS[airborne light-weight optical tracking system]
ALS1[amyotrophic lateral sclerosis]
ALS2[antilymphocyte serum]
ALS3[automatic landing system]
ALU[arithmetic and logic unit]
AM1[amplitude modulation]
AM2[Republic of Armenia]
A.M., a.m.[(ラ) ante meridiem]
AM ステレオ[amplitude modulation stereo]
AM 放送[amplitude modulation broadcasting]
AMA1[American Management Association]
AMA2[American Marketing Association]
AMA3[American Medical Association]
AMDA(アムダ)[Association of Medical Doctors of Asia]
AMeDAS(アメダス)[Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System]
AMEI[Association of Musical Electronics Industry]
AMEX, Amex1(アメックス)[American Express Card]
AMEX, Amex2(アメックス)[American Stock Exchange; American Exchange]
AMF[Asian Multimedia Forum]
AMS1[aggregate measurement of support]
Amtrak(アムトラック)[American Track]
AMU1[Arab Maghreb Union]
AMU2[Asian Monetary Unit]
AN[Netherlands Antilles]
ANA1[All Nippon Airways]
ANA2[American Nurses' Association]
ANA3[antinuclear antibody]
ANC1[African National Congress]
AND[Principality of Andorra]
AND 回路[AND circuit]
ANFO(アンホ)[ammonium nitrate fuel oil]
ANG[Republic of Angola]
ANGEL(エンジェル)[Advanced Number Guide system by Electronic computer]
ANK 文字[alphabet, numeric, kana character]
ANOC[Association of National Olympic Congress]
ANPA[American Newspaper Publishers Association]
ANS[Asian News Service]
ANSA(アンサ)[(イ) Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata]
ANSER(アンサー)[Automatic Answer Network System for Electronic Request]
ANSI(アンシ)[American National Standards Institute]
ANSP(アンスプ)[Agency for National Security and Planning]
ANT[Antigua and Barbuda]
ANZAC(アンザック)[Australian and New Zealand Army Corps]
Anzac(アンザック)デー[Anzac Day]
ANZCERTA[Australia-New Zealand Closer Economic Relationship Treaty Agreement]
ANZUS(アンザス)[Australia, New Zealand and the United States Treaty]
AO[Republic of Angola]
AOC[Association of Olympic Committees]
AOR[adult-oriented rock]
AOSIS[Alliance of Small Island nations]
AP1[access point]
AP2[advise and pay]
AP3[American Plan]
AP4[application program]
AP5[Associated Press]
APA1[advance pricing agreement]
APA2[Army Procurement Agency of Japan]
APC1[aspirin, phenacetin, caffeine]
APC2[automatic pallet changer]
APD[avalanche photodiode]
APEC(エーペック)[Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation]
APERC[Asia Pacific Energy Research Center]
APEX[Advance Purchase Excursion Fares]
API1[American Petroleum Institute]
API2[application program interface]
A.P.I.[(フ) alphabet phonetique international]
API 度[API's Baume degree]
APL[A Programming Language]
APO[Asian Productivity Organization]
APRA(アプラ)[(ス) Alianza Popular Revolucionaria Americana]
APS1[Advanced Photo System]
APS2[American Protestant Society]
APT1[Asia Pacific Telecommunity]
APT2[automatic picture transmission]
APT3[automatically programmed tool]
APWR[advanced pressurized water reactor]
AQ[achievement quotient]
AR1[Argentine Republic]
AR2[artificial reality]
AR モデル[autoregressive model]
ARAMCO(アラムコ)[Arabian-American Oil Company]
ARC[AIDS related complex]
ARF[ASEAN Regional Forum]
ARG[Argentine Republic]
ARIMA モデル[autoregressive integrated moving average model]
ARM1[Abortion Rights Mobilization]
ARM2[Republic of Armenia]
ARMA モデル[autoregressive moving average model]
ARP[address resolution protocol]
ARPA(アルパ,アーパ)[Advanced Research Projects Agency]
ARPANET(アーパネット,アルパネット)[Advanced Research Projects Agency Computer Network]
ARRC[ACE Rapid Reaction Corps]
ARTS-J(アーツ-ジェイ)[automated radar terminal system-Japan]
ARU2[audio response unit]
AS[American Samoa]
AS 洗剤[alkyl sulfate detergent]
ASA1[American Samoa]
ASA2(アーサ,アサ)[American Standards Association]
ASA3[American Statistical Association]
ASA 感度
ASBM[air-to-surface ballistic missile]
ASCA1(アスカ)[advisory specialist for consumer's affairs]
ASCA2[Asian Students Cultural Association]
ASCA3[Association for Science Cooperation in Asia]
ASCAP(アスキャップ)[American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers]
ASCII(アスキー)[American Standard Code for Information Interchange]
ASCOJA(アスコジャ)[ASEAN Council of Japan Alumni]
ASDE(アスデ)[airport surface detecting equipment]
ASE[American Stock Exchange]
ASEAN(アセアン)[Association of Southeast Asian Nations]
ASEAN 10[Association of Southeast Asian Nations 10]
ASEM[Asia-Europe Meeting]
ASET[Association of Super advanced Electronics Technology]
ASIC(エーシック)[application specific integrated circuit]
ASM[air-to-surface missile]
ASNE[American Society of Newspaper Editors]
ASP[American Selling Price]
ASPCA[American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals]
ASQ[American Society for Quality]
ASR[airport surveillance radar]
ASROC(アスロック)[antisubmarine rocket]
ASV[advanced safety vehicle]
AT1[achievement test]
AT2[alternative technology]
AT3[appropriate technology]
AT4[auditory trainer]
AT5[automatic transmission]
AT6[Republic of Austria]
AT3[antithrombin III]
AT & T[American Telephone and Telegraph Company]
ATB[all-terrain bike]
ATC1[air traffic control]
ATC2[Asia and Pacific Trade Center]
ATC3[automatic tool changer]
ATC4[automatic train control]
ATF[Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco and Firearms]
ATG[Art Theater Guild]
ATIS(アティス)[Advanced Traffic Information Service]
ATL1[adult T cell leukemia]
ATM1[anti-tank missile]
ATM2[asynchronous transfer mode]
ATM3[automated teller machine]
ATM 交換システム[asynchronous transfer mode switching system]
atm[standard atmosphere]
ATO[automatic train operation]
ATP1[adenosine triphosphate]
ATP2[Association of Tennis Professionals]
ATR1[Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International]
ATR2[advanced thermal reactor]
ATRAC[adaptive transform acoustic coding]
ATS[automatic train stop]
ATT[American Telephone and Telegraph Company]
ATV[all-terrain vehicle]
AU1[astronomical unit]
A.U.[angstrom unit]
Au[(ラ) aurum]
AUH[Abu Dhabi]
AUP[acceptable use policy]
AUT[Republic of Austria]
AV1[(和) adult+video]
AV, A.V.2[audio-visual]オーディオビジュアル。「視聴覚」の意。
AV, A.V.3[Authorized Version]
AV 機器[audio-visual]
.avi[audio visual interleaved]
AVM システム[automatic vehicle monitoring system]
AWACS(エーワックス)[airborne warning and control system]
AWC[Association of the Wildlife Conservation]
AWK[Aho, Weinberger, Kernighan]
.awk[Aho, Weinberger, Kernighan]
AZ2[Azerbaidjan Republic]
AZE[Azerbaidjan Republic]

一般用語集 五十音順