S 状結腸[sigmoid colon]
S 睡眠[synchronized sleep]
S 波[S-wave; secondary wave]
S 判[small size]
S マーク[safety mark]
SA1[Kingdom of Saudi Arabia]
SA2[store automation]
SA3[systems analysis]
S.A.1[Salvation Army]
S.A.2[(フ) societe anonyme; (イ) societa anonima; (ス) sociedad anonima]
S.A.3[South Africa]
SAARC(サーク)[South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation]
SAC1[Space Activities Commission]
SAC2[Strategic Air Command]
SACO[Special Action Committee on facilities and areas in Okinawa]
SAD1[seasonal affective disorder]
SAD2[system administrator]
SADC[Southern African Development Community]
SADF[South Asia Development Funds]
SAF[structural adjustment facility]
SAFTA[South Asian Free Trade Area]
SAJ[Ski Association of Japan]
SAL(サル)郵便[surface air lifted mail]
SALT(ソルト)[Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (Treaty)]
SAM1[surface-to-air missile]
SAM2[Western Samoa]
SAN[San Diego]
S & L[savings and loan association]
SAP[structural adjustment programs]
SAPTA[South Asian Preferential Trade Agreement]
SAR1[search and rescue system]
SAR2[synthetic aperture radar]
SAS1[Scandinavian Airlines System]
SAS2[space adaptation syndrome]
SAS3[Special Air Service]
SAT1[Scholastic Aptitude Test]
SAT2[Special Assault Team]
SAW(ソウ)[surface acoustic wave(device)]
SB1[Solomon Islands]
SB2[store brand]
Sb[(ラ) stibium]
SBF[Subic Bay Freeport Zone]
SBR[styrene-butadiene rubber]
SBS[sick-building syndrome]
SBS 方式[simultaneous buy and sell tender system]
SBU[strategic business unit]
SC1[Republic of Seychelles]
SC2[Security Council]
SC3[shopping center]
SC4[steeple chase]
SCAD(スカッド)[subsonic cruise armed decoy]
SCAP(スキャップ)[Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (in Japan)]
SCAR[Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research]
SCCI[SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industries]
SCF[Save the Children Fund]
SCLC[Southern Christian Leadership Conference]
SCMS[serial copy management system]
SCOR[Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research]
SCP[single-cell protein]
SCR[silicon controlled rectifier]
SCSI(スカジー)[small computer system interface]
SCT[sentence completion technique]
scuba(スキューバ)[self-contained underwater breathing apparatus]
SD1[Republic of the Sudan]
SD2[sustainable development]
S.D., s.d.[standard deviation]
SD 法[semantic differential]
SDA[Baghdad, Bagdad]
SDF[Self-Defense Forces]
SDI[Strategic Defense Initiative]
SDP[Social Democratic Party]
SDPJ[Social Democratic Party of Japan]
SDR[special drawing rights]
SDSS 計画[Sloan Digital Sky Survey]
SE1[Kingdom of Sweden]
SE2[sales engineer]
SE3[sound effect]
SE4[systems engineer]
SE5[systems engineering]
Se[(ド) Selen]
SEA2[Single European Act]
SEANWFZ[Southeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone Treaty]
SEAQ[Stock Exchange Automated Quotation system]
Seasat(シーサット)[sea satellite]
SEATO(シアトー)[Southeast Asia Treaty Organization]
SEC[Securities and Exchange Commission]
SECAM(セカム)[(フ) sequentiel a memoire]
SELA(セラ)[(ス) Sistema Economico Latinoamericano]
SEM[scanning electron microscope]
SEMATECH[Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology Institute]
SEN[Republic of Senegal]
SET(セット)[secure electronic transaction]
SEY[Republic of Seychelles]
SF1[San Francisco]
SF2[science fiction]
SF3[secured facility]
SF4[space fantasy]
SF5[Swiss franc]
SF マーク[safety fireworks mark]
SFF[split fingered fastball]
SFO[San Francisco]
SFRC[steel fiber reinforced concrete]
SFX[special effects]
SG1[Republic of Singapore]
SG2[secretary general]
SG3[study group]
SG マーク[safety goods mark]
SGML[Standard Generalized Markup Language]
SH[St.Helena ex.dep.]
SHF[superhigh frequency]
SI1[Republic of Slovenia]
SI2[system integration]
SI3[system integrator]
SI4[(フ) Systeme international d'unites]
SIA1[Semiconductor Industry Association]
SICA[(ス) Sistema de Integracion Centroamericana]
SICC コード[securities identification conference code]
SICS[severely indebted countries]
SIDS[sudden infant death syndrome]
SIG(シグ)[special interest group]
SIGGRAPH(シーグラフ)[Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics]
SII[Structural Impediments Initiative]
SIMC[(フ) Societe internationale pour la musique contemporaine]
SIMEX(サイメックス)[Singapore International Monetary Exchange]
SIMICS[Severely Indebted Middle-Income Countries]
SIMM(シム)[single inline memory module]
SIN1[Republic of Singapore]
SIN3[strategic information network system]
SIPRI(シプリ)[Stockholm International Peace Research Institute]
SIS(シス)[strategic information system]
S.I.S.[Secret Intelligence Service]
SIT[static induction transistor]
SJ[Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands]
SJC[San Jose]
SK[Scandinavian Airlines System]
SKN[Saint Christopher and Nevis]
SL1[Republic of Sierra Leone]
SL2[(ラ) sensus luminis]
SL3[sleep learning]
SL4[sporty & luxurious]
SL5[steam locomotive]
SLAC[Stanford Linear Accelerator Center]
SLE1[Republic of Sierra Leone]
SLE2[systemic lupus erythematosus]
SLFP[Sri Lanka Freedom Party]
SLO[Republic of Slovenia]
SLOC(スロック)[sea lanes of communication]
SLORC[State Law and Order Restoration Council]
SLT[single lane transit]
SM1[Republic of San Marino]
SM2[sadism and masochism]
SM5[systems management]
SMDS[switched multimegabit data service]
SME[small medium-size enterprise]
SMF[stationary meteorological satellite]
SMG[International Stoke Mandeville Games]
SMON(スモン)[subacute myelo-optico-neuropathy]
SMR[Republic of San Marino]
SMT[surface mount technology]
SMTP[simple mail transfer protocol]
SN[Sabena Belgian World Airlines]
SN 比[signal-to-noise ratio]
Sn[(ラ) Stannum]
SNA[System of National Accounts]
SNCF[(フ) Societe nationale des chemins de fer francais]
SNG1[satellite news gathering]
SNG2[synthetic natural gas]
Snobol(スノーボル)[String Oriented Symbolic Language]
SO1[sneak out]
SO2[Somali Democratic Republic]
SO3[stand off]
SOCAP[Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business]
SOD[superoxide dismutase]
SOF[Special Operations Forces]
SOFA[Status of Forces Agreement]
SOHO[small office home office](ソーホー)
SoHo(ソーホー)[South of Houston Street]
SOI[southern oscillation index]
SOI 素子[silicon on insulating substrate]
SOL[Solomon Islands]
SOM[Somali Democratic Republic]
sonar(ソナー)[sound navigation(and)ranging]
SOR(ソール)[synchrotron orbital radiation]
SOx(ソックス)[sulfur oxide]
SP1[sales promotion]
SP2[save point]
SP3[security police]
SP4[Shore Patrol]
SP5[standard playing]
SP6[subliminal perception]
SP7[subliminal projection]
SP 株価指数[Standard & Poor's Stock Price Index]
SP 媒体[sales promotion media]
SPC1[South Pacific Commission]
SPC2[special purpose company]
SPD[(ド) Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands]
SPDPM[Subcommission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities]
SPEC[South Pacific Bureau for Economic Cooperation]
SPECT[single photon emission computed tomography]
SPEES[South Pacific Economic Exchange Support Center]
SPF1[South Pacific Forum]
SPF2[specific pathogen free]
SPF3[sun protection factor]
SPI[service price index]
SPLA[Sudanese People's Liberation Army]
SPLM[Sudanese People's Liberation Movement]
SPM[suspended particulate matter]
SPNFZ 条約[South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty]
SQ1[Singapore Airlines]
SQ2[special quotation]
SQC[statistical quality control]
SQL[Structured Query Language]
SQUID(スキッド)[superconducting quantum interference device]
SR1[Republic of Suriname]
SR3[synchrotron radiation]
SR 説[stimulus response theory]
SRAM[static random access memory]
SRC1[Science Research Council]
SRC2[steel-frame reinforced concrete]
SRI1[Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka]
SRI2[Stanford Research Institute]
SRS エアバッグ[supplemental restraint system air bag]
SS1[(ド) Schutzstaffel]
SS2[service station]
SS3[speed sensitive]
SS4[sporty sedan]
SS5[suspended solids]
SS 通信[spread spectrum communication]
SSD1[Safety, Security and Disarmament Talks]
SSD2[Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Disarmament]
SSDDS[self-service discount department store]
SSDS[System of Social and Demographic Statistics]
SSE[supply-side economics]
SSI[small-scale integration]
SSM[Specific Substance of Mycobacteriumtuberculosis(Maruyama)]
SSM[surface-to-surface missile]
SSM 調査[social stratification and social mobility]
SSPE[subacute sclerosing panencephalitis]
SSS[super sport sedan]
SST1[social skills training]
SST2[supersonic transport]
SSTO[single stage take-off]
SSVS[super smart vehicle systems]
ST1[Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe]
ST2[sensitivity training]
ST3[short track]
ST4[speech therapist]
ST マーク[safety toy mark]
STABEX(スタベックス)[Stabilization of Export Earning Scheme]
START(スタート)[Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (Treaty)]
STD[sexually transmitted disease]
STEP1[Society for Testing English Proficiency]
STEP2[standard for the exchange of product model data]
STM[scanning tunneling microscope]
STOL(ストール,エストール)[short takeoff and landing]
STP[Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe]
STRIPS(ストリップス)[separate trading of registered interest and principal of securities]
STS1[serologic (serological) tests for syphilis]
STS2[Space Transportation System]
STU[strategic technology unit]
STV[subscription television]
SUBROC(サブロック)[submarine rocket]
SUD[Republic of the Sudan]
SUI[Swiss Confederation]
SUR[Republic of Suriname]
SV[Republic of El Salvador]
SV 40[Simian virus 40]
SVA[Sotoshu Volunteer Association]
S-VHS[super video home system]
SVK[Slovak Republic]
SWAPO(スワポ)[South-west African People's Organization of Namibia]
SWAT(スワット)[Special Weapons and Tactics]
SWE[Kingdom of Sweden]
SWIFT(スウィフト)[Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications]
SWU[separate working unit]
SWZ[Kingdom of Swaziland]
SY[Syrian Arab Republic]
SYR[Syrian Arab Republic]
SYSOP[system operator]
SZ[Kingdom of Swaziland]

一般用語集 五十音順